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There is one name that is synonymous with "security alarms" and that name is Bosch. Bosch security alarms are leading the industry with their "Solution" range, with simplistic operation and comprehensive access control options. The Bosch Solution series is not only a necessity, but it will also provide your home or business with excellent features to protect your family, staff, stock, investments and premises.

Rhythm Security has partnered with Bosch to provide you with the latest and most impressive alarm and access control systems on the market, please find more information below:

Bosch Security Alarm Systems - Solution 6000

The Base Bosch Solution 6000 System has the following features:

  • Large graphical display with LED backlight, with real time clock and temperature display
  • Up to 4 lines of 20 characters and icons, with dedicated On, OFF and PART keys
  • Alphanumeric text prompting / programming with custom installer static display screen
  • Adjustable volume, backlight and contrast
  • Large amount of add-on accessories available
  • Complete smart phone access ability for Alarm and Door Control
  • Has the ability to connect to an alarm monitoring station
  • Can control doors, gates, garages, lights and other technologies
  • Indoor and Outdoor keypads, swipecard and fingerprint readers
  • Macro instruction capable

Bosch Blueline Tritech (Pet Friendly) Detector PIR

  • Wall to Wall coverage – Superior catch performance within 12 m x 12 m (40 ft x 40 ft) coverage area
  • Pet‑friendly Selectable model available – optimize installation for animals up to 20kg
  • Dynamic Temperature Compensation – superior catch performance in any environment
  • Flexible Mounting Height, No Adjustments – reduce false alarms, improve catch performance
  • Self-locking Enclosure with Integrated Bubble Level – reduce installation time

Bosch External Weather Proof Keypads

  • Stylish vandal resistant metal construction with weather resistance to IP67, suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Blue LED key backlighting
  • LAN monitored for anti replay and anti substitution; encrypted LAN communication with panel
  • Programmable egress input and lock output
  • Indicators show alarm or door status; operates alarm system, door lock or both

Bosch Finger Print Reader

  • Used to Arm or Disarm Alarm System
  • Can also be used to allow Access (Access Control)
  • Bosch system can also create any relay based response such as light on etc.
  • Separate indicators show door and alarm status; built in sounder provides alarm warning
  • Lock output and egress input to simplify wiring, with built in tamper switch
  • Haptic feedback enhances user operation
  • Adjustable volume control
  • Anti replay and anti substitution protection

Bosch Photoelectric Beam

  • Dual beam detection improves false alarm immunity
  • Range up to 90 m (300 ft) outdoors, 180 m (600 ft) indoors
  • Selectable response time
  • Small unobtrusive design

Bosch Proximity Card/Token Readers

  • 40 bit transmission format – 125Khz, with up to 40mm read range
  • Lock Output and Egress Input to simplify wiring
  • Separate indicators show door and alarm status, with built-in sounder providing alarm warning
  • Built-in front and rear tamper protection
  • Anti replay and anti-substitution protection

Bosch Seismic Sensors

  • 24-hour surveillance of vault walls and doors, safes, night safes, and automatic teller machines
  • Sensitivity settings using DIP switches
  • SENSTEC® sensor and signal processing system based on microcontrollers
  • Low profile design