Number Plate Recognition Cameras

Overview - 

Over the last few years Number Plate Recognition cameras have become increasingly more popular. With technological advancements comes better pricing, making them more affordable for businesses and residences to employ. NPR cameras work in a special way, creating a perfectly legible licence plate image, day and night. During the day an NPR camera performs as a normal camera however in darker evening and night time conditions the camera implements special technologies to condition the environment with the correct IR levels while blocking vehicle headlights. Whilst doing this the license plate is the main focus of the scene. NPR cameras are an excellent investment. Rhythm Security have a range that is very affordable and have assisted police in several investigations.

The Physical Elements - 

When it comes to NPR cameras the most important element, is location and zoom. High Mega Pixel is nice but not crucial. You want to get the cameras as close to the subject pathway as possible and as low as possible, without putting the camera in jeopardy of being stolen or damaged. Infra-Red night time illumination is important as it uses the reflectivity of the Australian number plates to obtain a more legible image, however if you blast the number plate with excessive concentration of Infra-Red light you jeopardise the image by creating a white wash of IR light. There are other instances where NPR cameras struggle, such as in severe rain conditions, when cameras are at too extreme of an angle (high or wide) or when vehicles are moving too fast, as the frame rate of the camera cannot keep up. That is why it is important to have an experienced security company advising your needs. 

Our Products - 

We have cameras, that when installed correctly, will give the best possible results when trying to view number plates. Our cameras are vandal and weather proof and completely constructed of metal (not cheap plastics). They are easy to use and when installed with our award-winning recorder systems (NVR) will make live viewing and footage recovery a breeze. We have several Number Plate Recognition cameras available to suit various conditions and distances. 

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