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New Digital HD Security Camera Technology

HD-SDi is video technology that displays a perfectly crisp clear Full High Definition video at 1080p resolution and is far more superior then Analogue video. Over the last few years this technology has been implemented into security cameras with brilliant results. We highly recommend this technology for applications where facial and object recognition is important. HD-SDi security cameras, connecting to a MHD Kratos HD-SDi recorder, have advanced feature which allow freeze framing with perfect clarity also making this technology extremely advantageous for number plate recognition.

HD-SDi is brilliant technology which works on conventional coaxial cabling (the same as analogue) which makes it extremely inexpensive compared with IP cameras for installation costs and also makes it the perfect solution for upgrading from an Analogue security camera system, as no new cables need to be installed (in 95% of cases)

The HD-SDi technology works the same way 1080p High Definition works on your HD television. It uses very conventional cabling and connects directly to the unit recording it which makes it very cost effective in comparison to IP Cameras (Internet Protocol) because HD-SDi does not require any computer network infrastructure which is usually expensive and also creates added work and potential problems in the future. HD-SDi has the simplicity of a normal security camera system with the quality of full high definition Blu-ray video.

All HD-SDi equipment looks the same as traditional cameras, they are no bigger and are interchangeable so no one would know the difference. Rhythm Security has a standard range available with other cameras such as PTZ and auto zoom HD-SDI cameras available on request.

Rhythm Security HD-SDI Technology

The new breed of HD-SDI recorders (DVR) are feature packed and completely accessible remotely from any Apple or Android mobile phone (broadband connection required at DVR). They are robust and totally designed with security in mind. They are easy to operate to quickly find footage and with the capacity for up to 6 Hard disk drives they can store up to 2 months of high definition video (on the 16 channel model @ 12 frames per second) The MHD Kratos range of HD-SDi recorders (DVR) are also network connectable for on location access and configuration. The MHD Kratos DVR's also have full HDMI and VGA making them connectable to almost every type of monitor.

Here at Rhythm Security we can offer a complete on-site demonstration to display how superior the HD-SDi technology is and the difference it will make to you and your business. Call us for a demonstration today on 1300 250 888.

Rhythm Security HD-SDI TechnologyRhythm Security HD-SDI Technology